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Saturday, January 10, 2009

Money and Teens / Banking for Students

A bank serves as a financial institution, providing complex financial services, right from the maintenance of deposits to extending credit.

A little guidance and initiative help teens to improve their personal credit record. Banking offers the convenience of not having to handle large sums of money, thereby minimizing the chances of theft. Moreover, most of the financial institutions enable you to earn interest on your money deposited in a particular account.
There are a number of bank accounts and financial plans that are specifically designed for teens. Today, teens spend a lot on junks, wasted money if judiciously saved, could save them from debt in the future too.

Parents are advice to teach their children a saving habit and not a spend it all attitude.
Create a small bank in your kids room or be the bank, let him or her keep record of spendings.
Remeber before opening an account for ur kid in any financial institute seek the advice of a professional.

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