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Saturday, July 11, 2009


These things written below are things i didn't get to do before i was 20, only until yesterday i found that an average person lacks one of this things even after the age of 30.

You desire a cool life, a wealthy life read this and tell a friend. you may be rich but not wealthy.

· Understand the VALUE and USE of money. Know it.

· Have an understanding of power sight: money, opposite sex, etc.

· Develop a working-talking relationship with a qualified mentor.

· Finish higher education or at least with one or two certifications.

· Have read at least 48 books on career and self-improvement at your core.

· Build a network of at least 5 millionaires adult-friend.

· Master a good savings habit of at least 10% of income.

· Master a routine daily exercise.

· Search and have a fellow grass of responsibility.

· Be computer literate.

· Learn and sustain a good time use of energy deployment culture.

· Have a realistic development-plan covering a 5 years plan of your life.

· Research and understand the power of personal value in your area of interest/influence.

· Learn and decide how you’ll be positively different in class, in thoughts, conducts and dressing.

· Learn the dignity of hard-work and a glory benefit of balanced life.

· Practise the noble of giving and sharing: benevolence.

· Know GOD and sustain the commitment to him.

· Speak a second language.

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